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Weatherford Door and Window Company offers a variety of glass inserts, wrought iron, hardware, wood, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass.With a variety of glass inserts, wrought iron, hardware, wood, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass; a Weatherford door or window can be totally customized. With an almost endless choice of desired and combined elements; you’re next door or window can be a Weatherford Door and Window.


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Energy Efficient Tax Credits!!

Now there's even more reason to improve your home's energy efficiency with energy efficient windows and doors. As part of the recent stimulus legislation (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) residential and federal tax credits are now available through the 25c – Non-Business Energy Property Tax Credit when you purchase qualifying windows and doors. While this tax credit is an extension of a 2007 program that required ENERGY STAR as the minimum performance, the requirements for qualifying products for 2009 have changed.

For more information about energy efficiency please visit http://www.EfficientWindows.org/Benefits.cfm

For related tax advice, please consult your tax advisor or visit the IRS website at http://www.IRS.gov/Newsroom/Article/0,,id=206871,00.html


* Please visit www.EnergyStar/TaxCredit for more information.

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